Bible Study

Bible Study


*In Recess for the summer, we will resume September 6 at 10 am*

Come join us Wednesday morning’s at 10 am, for an awesome time of prayer, devotion, and fellowship with one another as we dig deeper into God’s word and learn what He has to say and teach to us.

If you do not belong to a Bible Study this is a perfect opportunity to join one!

Current Bible Study: “Too Busy Not To Pray” by Bill Hybels


“For the past twenty years has stood as a classic on prayer, helping Christians all over the world slow down to draw near to God.

During those years, the world certainly hasn’t slowed down. If anything, the pace, intensity and number of distractions have only increased. Brokenness and pain seem to have increased as well, with news of civil war, poverty, broken families and sex-trafficking touching us daily. The urgent need for prayer is clear, but busyness still keeps many of us from finding time to pray.

Two truths changed in twenty years: God is the same powerful, just, holy God he’s always been; and true prayer–prayer that changes us and allows us to participate in God’s work in the world–can’t happen on the fly. So Bill Hybels once again offers us his practical, time-tested ideas on slowing down to pray. Revised throughout and including a new introduction and new chapter on prayer and compassion for the world, this twentieth-anniversary edition of calls both young and old to make prayer a priority, and broadens our vision for what our eternal, powerful God does when his people slow down to pray.”